AC&C Team and future hosts

Every year, a group of talented ladies get together and work out all the nitty-gritty of a successful AC&C. These ladies are:

Team Chair: Helen LeFort
Past Chair: Deb Moreau
Treasurer: Madeline Power
ACJC: June Cousens
Registration Manager: Carolyn Pellow
Contest and Stage Manager: Sue Novasad
Facilities Manager: Tanya Reid
Judges Services: Dorothy Webster
Volunteer and Transportation Co-ordinator: -vacant-
PR Coordinator: Margie Fife
Program and Tickets: Carol Peacock
Bulletin: Olivia Clancy

Each year, the chapters of Area 1 help share the burden with the AC&C team, by “hosting”. This involves certain tasks such as the theme, logo, fun night, moonglow, and others! The schedule of chapters hosting AC&C is:

2020: Sea Belles

2021: Cobequid Fun Tones

2022: Codiac Chords