Harmony Harvest 2022 with Jordan Travis!

Sat, 1 Oct 2022

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  • Type of event: Area1 event
    Description: Harmony Harvest 2022 with Jordan Travis!

    Don't Forget - Everyone purchasing tickets to attend HH2022 is asked to register/pay individually so we will have a detailed attendee list with everyone's name. Ticket purchase through this site by credit card (preferred) or by etransfer  would be appreciated.  Alternate payment arrangements can be made by contacting Area 1 Treasurer Madeline Power at area1treasurer@harmonyarea1.ca



    Hello Members of Area 1,

    First and foremost, I want to acknowledge that Fiona was a storm most of us will not forget in a long, long time. So hoping that those without power have it returned soon and to remind you that any member of our Harmony family is here to provide support.

    Yesterday I was able to contact both the Rodd Hotel and the Journey Church in Moncton and both are ready and eager to serve us this weekend. The extraordinary Jordan Travis has confirmed his flight and will be here Friday afternoon. With all preparations in place we hope to see everyone who registered but totally understand if Fiona makes this impossible. Please take care of yourself and your families and don't hesitate to let me know if you are unable to attend (unfortunately, Kelly, is still without power). Also if you are cancelling, and have booked a room, please remember the Rodd Hotel's cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice (1 506 382-1664). 

    For those wondering, there is still room for in-person and live streaming registrations.

    We are looking forward to a great education event with lots of singing and renewed friendships.
    Harmony Hugs to all,


    Linda McMaster
    Area 1 Director, Harmony, Inc Area 1


    After a 2-year pause, your Area 1 education team is beyond thrilled to invite you to Harmony Harvest 2022, our first in-person education event since 2019! It will take place at the Journey Church in Moncton on Saturday, October 1st, with special guest facilitator, Jordan Travis

    This is an event created for current members of Harmony, Inc., Area 1 BUT we do have a limited number of spaces available for interested members of the public to join us for the fun that day!

    As with previous in-person education events at the church, Check-In will begin at 9:00 am and our day will end at approximately 3:30 pm, with refreshment breaks and a 45-minute lunch.

    Livestreaming Option
    In order to encourage participation for our member sisters in the Newfound Sound chapter - and for other members who may not feel comfortable attending an in-person event at this time - we have been able to finalize arrangments with the Journey Church to offer a livestream of the event through the Area 1 Zoom account, very similar to the quality and experience provided to online attendees of our Area Contest in June.   Due to the fees associated with providing this service, there will be a nominal $12 registration fee for online attendees.

    Registration Instructions
    1. IMPORTANT - Each person planning to attend Harmony Harvest will need to register individually, to enable the ticketing function to capture our list of attendeesThe fee to attend in person is $22 per person (Area 1 members) or $12 per person (Guest or Youth under the age of 25). The fee to attend via livestream is $12 per person.
    2. To register, simply click on the "Buy Tickets" graphic at the top of this page.
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the next page where you will see the ticket choices -one version for folks who do already have the sheet music & tracks for "Brand New Shoes" from our originally planned (and subsequently cancelled) event in Spring 2020, and a second set for folks who do not already have the music and tracks.
    4. Once you have chosen your ticket option, you will be taken to a page with payment options. You may choose to pay by credit card (preferred) or by etransfer to Treasurer, Madeline Power. We would prefer that the majority of attendees pay by credit card.

    5. Those registered and paid attendees who do not already have the music & tracks will receive them in a separate email which may take up to 24 hours to send to you. Please be patient! :-)

    Considering the success of the protocols in place at the Area Contest in June, current Public Health recommendations and the projections that COVID cases will be increasing again once the new school season begins, your Area 1 Executive has decided the following protocols will be used for Harmony Harvest 2022.

    Proof of Vaccination
    Proof of vaccination will not be mandatory to attend, although it is highly recommended that all members be vaccinated;

    Masks will be mandatory at all times when indoors at the event,  except when eating or drinking when they may be temporarily removed.  A mask is a face covering that has two or more layers of breathable fabric that completely covers the wearer’s nose and mouth and fits snugly around the edges. 

    • Rapid testing on the morning of the event is highly recommended.  Registered attendees who are not feeling well are encouraged not to attend the event, to avoid the risk of inadvertently spreading infection to other attendees.
    • Frequent hand washing during the event is recommended and hand sanitizer will be available.
    As in most other years, risers will not be used for this event. Singing will take place in the main Worship area of the church as well as in smaller "breakout rooms" in the church throughout the day.  Social distancing will be encouraged but may not be able to occur in some instances.
    We will be sending more updates to registered attendees in the coming days/weeks leading up to the event, including more detailed information about the schedule for the day.
    Looking forward to reconnecting with you soon. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Area 1 Education Coordinator Kelly Mullaly at area1education@harmonyarea1.ca