Helpful Links

Canva – free or paid
This website is a resource for graphic design. It can be used to make graphics with images and text, presentations, collages, and more. The free version is more than enough – the paid version just allows some sizing edits and access to more images in the program

Dropbox – free or paid
This folder system is free for limited storage (2gb) but paid accounts can go up to unlimited storage. You can create folder systems for assign access to certain people or no one.

Dotloop – free or paid
This e-signature program is set up for real estate transactions, but can be used for any document requiring a signature. Banks and lawyers accept these e-signatures as legal signatures, and it means you don’t need to print and scan documents. The free version is enough for basic needs.

Sign Up Genius – free
If you need a sign up sheet for a performance, potluck, or a volunteer this, Sign Up Genius is perfect. Access is free, and you can create as many sign ups as you need. Premium (paid) version does offer some more options, but they’re not necessarily needed. You can create sign ups where people pick something specific to claim (“I’ll bring the potato salad!”), or can just indicate they’ll be 1 of however many (“I’m a tenor and will attend”).

Survey Monkey – free or paid
Ever wonder what your chapter thinks about your new tops, or who might be interested in running for treasurer? Survey Monkey allows you to create surveys, make them anonymous or not, and then send out. The free version limits the number of surveys you can create, and how many questions, but the paid version removes those limits.

Doodle – Free
Need to schedule a meeting but everyone’s schedules are different? With Doodle you can pick a handful of dates and times and invite people to indicate which ones work for them.