About Area 1

Harmony, Inc. is an international, non-profit organization whose purpose is “Empowering all women through education, friendship, and singing!”  In simplest terms, Harmony, Inc. is staying true to the reasons we exist, and we know who we are. For decades, we’ve provided a venue for women to express themselves, make quality music together, and form bonds beyond measure. We plan to continue doing just that, and we invite you to join us for the ride.

Harmony, Inc. is not quite coast-to-coast or around the world. You can check out current geographic reach, but also know that we’re growing faster today than we have in recent history. Our mission to bring to Harmony, Inc. to more women’s lives is alive and well—and we remain focused on expanding our geographic reach.

Divided into 6 geographical areas, Area 1 represents the eastern most provinces of Canada: Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

Barbershop has been alive and well in our area for many years. It seems there isn’t a place in the eastern part of Canada that hasn’t been touched by 4 part a cappella music.
All Area 1 Chapters are listed here, whether currrently active, or disbanded.

Chapter Name Location (City, St/PR) Charter Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Notes
Seaside A Cappella Bridgewater, NS 2018-06-01
Breton Songbirds Sydney, NS 2018-04-04
Bluenose Tradition Bedford-Sackville, NS 1999-03-10 Disbanded June 11, 2002
Miramichi Melodies Miramichi, New Brunswick 1996-05-31 Disbanded February 1, 2005
Summer City Sounds Summerside, PEI 1996-05-31 Disbanded February 1, 2003
Newfound Sound St. John's, NL 1988-05-20
Bluenose Belles Halifax, Nova Scotia 1987-07-09 Disbanded March 1, 1990
Citadel Chimes Halifax, Nova Scotia 1987-04-02 Disbanded October 2, 2007
Cobequid Fun-Tones Oxford, NS 1985-03-19
Westmorland Chimes Petitcodiac, New Brunswick 1984-04-18 Disbanded March 31, 1990
ScotianAires Dartmouth, NS 1983-03-11
Island A Cappella Charlottetown, PE 1982-07-05 formerly Abegweit Chimes, renamed Island A Cappella January 6, 2014
Random Sound Clarenville, Newfoundland 1982-05-15 Disbanded March 31, 1985
Carleton Gems Woodstock, New Brunswick 1981-05-02 Disbanded March 31, 1986
Border Belles Amherst, Nova Scotia 1981-02-08 Disbanded March 31, 2003
Valley Voices Kentville, NS 1979-11-01 chartered as Queens of Kings November 1, 1979, renamed Valley Voices February 12, 2002
Miner Chords Minto, New Brunswick 1979-04-28 Disbanded March 22, 1984
Elm City Echoes, Inc. Fredericton, NB 1977-04-23
Codiac Chords Moncton, NB 1977-04-22
Breton Belles (The) Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1975-04-26 Disbanded March 1, 1985
Brunswick Belles Sussex, New Brunswick 1975-04-05 Disbanded March 16, 1999
Nova Chords Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 1970-04-11 Disbanded February 29, 1996
Chaleur Echoes Dalhousie, New Brunswick 1970-04-09 Disbanded April 4, 2014
Sea Belles Saint John, NB 1969-04-01
Cumberland Choristers Springhill, Nova Scotia 1969-03-30 Disbanded November 1, 1970
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