Harmony for Young Women

Harmony for Young Women

The Harmony for Young Women Program is intended to reach out to young women through four-part a cappella harmony in the barbershop style. Its goal is to provide musical education and an environment that fosters a love of vocal music, personal growth and development, and life-long friendships.

The goals of the Harmony for Young Women Program are to:
  • Introduce barbershop style singing to young women;
  • Encourage young singers to pursue vocal music in schools, as well as in their communities;
  • Provide vocal music education to all young singers;
  • Raise awareness with young singers, educators, administrators, and the community of the viability of the barbershop style as a musical art form;
  • Encourage and help schools expand their vocal music programs to include barbershop music;
  • Help Areas and chapters develop more local youth outreach initiatives by providing guidelines and resources;
  • Encourage an environment in which young singers can develop greater self-confidence, improved performance skills, and the value of teamwork;
  • Educate all of Harmony, Inc. about the importance of youth outreach, and all that it entails;
  • Encourage the current youth of Harmony, Inc. to be more active in their chapters and Areas.

Non-Recruitment Policy
The Harmony for Young Women Program’s events are intended to raise awareness of the barbershop style in youth and music education programs. It is not to be used to solicit membership from young women or music educators. Areas and chapters may provide information about the availability of local barbershop opportunities, but in no way actively solicit membership.

Minor Chords is a chorus made up of Harmony’s youth members, that are age 25 and under. Every year a new director is chosen to provide an unforgettable experience for these talented young women. In song, friendship, and some fantastic choreography, this ensemble of youth members comes together every year to form lasting friendships, bond with their peers, and to show everyone that the future of Harmony is in great hands.
Each November, at our International Convention, the Minor Chords reunite with past friends and make new ones, while rehearsing their latest piece that they will perform at the President’s Reception, and after the Chorus Finals. You can also catch these girls rehearsing their current music and revisiting past pieces in the hallways, rooms, and lounges of the IC&C convention building.

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