Sponsor Harmony, Inc Area 1

A non-profit profile, Harmony, Inc Area 1 is self funded, with all revenue directed to the running of the profile.  We would very much appreciate the sponsorship of any company willing to provide us with financial support, or even just to help fund a particular expense.

For full details please contact our Treasurer, Madeline Power: 709-687-5007,

Sing Canada Harmony (SCH)  has been a tremendous supporter of Area 1 and Canadian members of Harmony, Inc.
For the past few years, SCH has partnered with Harmony, Inc. to supported many of our front line musical directors to financially assit them in attending Harmony University as part of a Directors First initiative.  Strong Directors = Strong chapters.    For many participants, this opportunity would not be possible with out the assistance and support of SCH.

SCH is also a strong supporter of local events, and many top level coaches have visited our Area to coach chapters, quartets and individuals.  

Please visit their web site to learn more about this Canadian organization who's mission is "dedicated to empowering all Canadians to become healthy, creative, and responsible members of society by providing access to vocal music education programs and resources."


To sign up for their newsletter, please click on this link  They promise not to sell or share your personal information with another third party..


The Wolfville LIons Club has also been a wonderful supporter for Valley Voices.  Thank you to an orgnization determined to make the world a better place!
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