Area 1’s Janet Bernier has been a member of Harmony Inc since 2013, when she joined as an Associate Member. But it was in 2018 that Janet became a chartered member of - not one but two - Harmony Inc choruses, Breton Songbirds and Seaside A Cappella. Here is a bit of her story.

Born in Sydney, Cape Breton holds her heart, but her singing has led her further afield. 
After IC&C 2012 and having the opportunity to sing with other guests on the cruise ship stage with Judy Comeau directing gold medalists’ A Cappella Showcase at the time, Janet’s decision to become a dual member of Seaside A Cappella in 2017 was an easy one. Along with fellow chorus members Dianne Humphrey and Patricia Day, they signed up as Long Distance Members and became known as our ‘Wednesday Road Warriors’, travelling from Sydney to rehearsals just outside of Bridgewater “until the snow flies”. 

However, Janet is much more than a fabulous baritone in both choruses.  She is the current President, Assistant Director and Baritone Section Leader of Breton Songbirds, and the Music Team Leader for Seaside A Cappella. Her work for Seaside A Cappella has spanned far beyond the tedious business of ordering and distributing music and learning tracks.  Currently she heads up the By-Laws Review Team. And if that was not enough, Janet embraced the task of many hours of researching how and where Seaside A Cappella could have their new rhinestone insignias pressed on their chorus t-shirts. She now looks after the ordering and delivery, working with a local person in Sydney. 

Music Director Judy Comeau speaks to Janet's value, “More than 'just' the Music Team Coordinator and Music Librarian, I consider Janet to be my "right hand".   She manages to keep everything at her fingertips that I would spend way too much time looking for, with regard to anything pertaining to the 'paperwork' or music files I deal with for the chorus.  When an all-too-often "help" letter goes out to Janet she is right there with the materials I need.  I would be lost without her.  And that, in itself makes her a great asset to Seaside A Cappella.”  

Seaside A Cappella could not be prouder of Janet, our ‘unsung hero’, nor could we be more grateful to her for her contribution and dedication to our chorus. Next time you see Janet, make sure you give her an earnest, Area 1 high-five!

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