Margie Fife

Congratulations Margie! This month we celebrate you!
Margie joined Harmony, Inc. in 1979 as a member of the Chaleur Echoes based in Dalhousie, NB. In less than 10 years she joined the quartet Seaside Harmony Blend (1988 to 1995). The quartet went to International in 1989 placing in the top 10, winning the Findlay Plaque for the highest-ranking Novice Quartet. How exciting that must have been!

When Margie found the Sea Belles the chorus gained one fabulous member. Never one to be idle, Margie spearheaded many fundraisers for the chorus, was the chorus photographer and modeled in a number of fashion shows the chorus put on over the years.

Margie is an Associate Member of Harmony, Inc. and currently sings with Lookin' 4 Treble. They became a Registered Quartet in March 2020 - just before the pandemic started and although current situations have slowed things down, they are looking ahead to the future and the hope of singing together and for all of Area 1 soon.

Area 1 was lucky to have Margie holding two positions for a while, Membership and Youth Coordinator and in the Spring of 2019, she became Area 1’s first ever Associate Member Coordinator, eventually handing the Membership role over to Andrea Leonard. To quote Linda McMaster, Margie is one of the “hardest working, most determined, persuasive Associate Member Coordinators in the business.”
 She is one of those people who steps up wherever she sees a need and as we all know increased our Associate Membership by 44.4% for 2020-2021!

Margie lives outside Sussex, NB with her husband on a property many of us would love to have! They raise honeybees (how cool is that!) and grow vegetables and fruit galore. Just check her FaceBook page and you will find some amazing pictures of the bees, flowers and, of course, her fabulous gardens. Many ladies in the Sea Belles have been treated to both Margie’s honey and tasty vegetables.

We salute you Margie Fife… are the best!

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