Linda Brehaut

Linda has been a member of Harmony, Inc. for 25 years and sings with Valley Voices, a chapter in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada. She has served in a number of leadership positions for both her chapter and the Area. She served on the International Board of Directors (IBOD) as the Area 1 Director from 2012-2018.

In 2019, Linda had the privilege of serving on the Executive Committee as the VP Convention & Contests.

Some peole might see her as a "decision maker". She will attempt to make every effort to see things from different perspectives and try to determine what the "big picture" is - what our purpose and intention is. She has held supervisory positions in her career, in other volunteer organizations as well as with Harmony and recognized the important role she's played as a role model to those around her.

Linda considered herself a shy person but soon found her place in the chorus of Valley Voices - a slow start on the costume committee where she would use her sewing skills to get to know a few members soon stretched into other committees, then the chapter board and yes, 10 years later, chapter president!

Linda belonged! she found a place where she could be herself but with each opportunity, the "real her' started to be discovered. There are things she didn't know about herself, like leadership. Who would have thought that this incredibly shy person had leadership skills?

She is here to serve you, the membership of Harmony, Incorporated. She declares she doesn't have all the answers but will search high and low for it!

Her commitment to be "Constructive for Harmony, Inc." is strong.

Congratulations Linda!!
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