Madeline Power

Our member celebration recipient for this month is incredibly special to the Website Management Team as it is our Chair Madeline Power!
We could not let anymore time go by without profiling Madeline because the website would not be the success that it is with out her determination and drive.
Before highlighting some of what Madeline has recently done with the website, we need to provide you with some background.

Madeline joined Newfound Sound in 2007. She started as a lead but settled in nicely as a baritone in the chorus and her quartet, Silvern Voices.
Madeline’s commitment goes far beyond her singing roles. She has held many board and committee positions over the years, including Treasurer and Fundraising Chair.
Most know Madeline as our Area 1 Treasurer but how many know that 2 years ago, she graciously agreed to become the Treasurer for AC&C?

When asked if she would add Website Management Chair to her already busy plate Madeline did not hesitate for a minute and Area 1 is all the more fortunate that she said yes!
The Area 1 website has grown so much in the past year. The biggest change that is most obvious is the Homepage, where much has been added and refreshed, including Our Singing Angels, different choruses and quartets being profiled on a regular basis and of course this Member Celebration.

What folks do not see is all the work Madeline has put into the back end of the website. She took it upon herself to research the two quartets that were Harmony Queens in our area and ensured they were listed with the current quartets. Data has been collected on former choruses so we will always have statistics and information. With Madeline’s guidance and support many members of Area 1 have benefited from the training sessions she has generously given. This is only a portion of the accomplishments Madeline has made.

 As busy as all this seems, Madeline always has time for fun! Whether it is a skit, a song, or a party, we can count on her creative ideas and helping hands. Newfound Sound and Area 1 are very blessed.  Madeline, you certainly are a member to be celebrated! Congratulations!

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