Most of us are quite content to live day to day, content doing whatever needs to be done, surrounded by the ones we love. Most of us don't think that one of those normal days could bring extraordinary change in our lives. That's exactly what happened to Newfound Sound's Beverly Kane. Bev has been in our chorus for about eight years. She has a beautiful bass voice and enjoys barbershop
harmony tremendously! Bev can always sense if a member needs a little encouragement and she will give it. She is always aware if someone is having a bit of a difficult time and she will be there to show her support. She will always share a smile, tell a joke, or share a story. She just makes everything feel a little better! Last summer, Bev had an unexpected diagnosis of a benign brain tumor. Fortunately, she was able to have surgery and the tumor was removed. But that kind of surgery can be tricky. Bev spent several weeks in the hospital and was totally dependent on others for everything. She had to retrain her brain and relearn all her daily tasks from scratch. Her health care team was amazing and her family were her cheerleaders. Everyone celebrated her every accomplishment, no matter how small! Bev's determination and positive spirit, along with good care providers and a wonderful family network, all came together to set her on the road to an amazing recovery!

Bev had another little ace up her sleeve... barbershop singing! After surgery, when she was very limited in what activities she could do. Bev used the chorus song lyrics to exercise her brain muscles and strengthen her memory capacity. Early every morning while still in the hospital for three weeks, she would run through chorus songs in her mind. When she progressed enough to be moved to the physical rehabilitation program, Bev used music to get her hands and feet moving with the rhythm. A snap of the fingers or a tap of the foot is not as easy as it sounds after going through all that. After hard work and perseverance,
Bev was up and around, making strides with physical
strength and mobility. Many more weeks of treatment followed from home. One fine day, back to rehearsal she came! Keep in mind, Bev lives about 45 minutes outside of town, plus she was not able to drive yet. No problem; her family was there to help make it happen for her! You can imagine how thrilled we all were to see Bev strolling into rehearsal steadied by her cane after only a few months off. It was wonderful to hear the sound of that warm bass voice, and to see her smiling face! In her own words, Bev explained it like this "I love singing and especially barbershop singing so it wasn’t long before it was all coming back to me and my brain was on the road to recovery. I feel I have become a better person because of this whole journey. Barbershop helps me make a joyful noise and we all have so much to be joyful for." We are all very joyful to know that Bev is doing so well. We wish her the very best with her continued recovery. It just goes to show that a little bit of harmony can do wonders for your health and well-being! Welcome back Bev!
harmony and love from your Newfound Sound Chorus!

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