Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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In December of 2016, two harmony Queens and two music teachers came together to find that they enJOY!ed making wonderful music. Since then there has been a lot of singing, competing, and laughter! Placing 5th at Harmony, Inc.’s International contest was certainly a highlight, but every hour spent sharing the love of harmony keeps this ensemble smiling. Lyric mezzo-soprano, Jenn, takes the reins as quartet lead, with Harmony Queen Jane on bass. Fellow Queen, Judy, soars on tenor, while Singing Judge, Sue, completes the sound as baritone.

Message from enJOY!: "We still enJOY! connecting and singing, preparing for the time when we can step in front of an audience again."

Chapter: ScotianAires
General public contact: Jennifer Cleveland
Area of operation: Dartmouth
Province: NS