Silvern Voices

St John's, Newfoundland & Labrador

Silvern Voices
Four members of Newfound Sound thought it a great idea to stay after practice to "see how" we would sound was a winner !!!

We weren't a conventional pairing!  We had a wonderful seasoned and solid bass in June!  We had two baritones who sounded really great together!  It was decided that our "newbee" baritone, Madeline. would work well. Our current bass Megan in the chorus could sing tenor beautifully!  As a long time singer we agreed that Anita would sing as our lead!!! 

We loved our collective sound!!!  We decided that our goal was to compete and improve but most of all to have fun together.

Unfortunately, our tenor Megan moved to Toronto after a few years of competition but were very fortunate, however, when Suzanne agreed to become our new tenor!

Suzanne is enjoying her new role as tenor and all four of us are enjoying the friendship and singing!
Chapter: Newfound Sound, Inc.
General public contact: June Cousens

Area of operation: St. John's
Province: NL